Linear Expansion And Thickness Swell Of Mdf As A Function Of Panel Density And Sorption State

Stefan Ganev, Alain Cloutier, Robert Beauregard, Guy Gendron


Experiments were conducted using ASTM standard methods to determine the medium density fiberboard (MDF) expansion properties and swelling characteristics as a function of panel density and sorption state. Specimens without density profile were produced by removing the surface layers of laboratory MDF panels. The results from the trials showed that for laboratory MDF, linear expansion is homogenous in panel plane. When specimen density increased, linear expansion, linear expansion coefficient, thickness shrinkage coefficient, linear contraction, and linear contraction coefficient increased. Thickness swell was higher than thickness shrinkage at any density level. Thickness swell coefficient was higher than thickness shrinkage coefficient for low density levels. The values of linear contraction and linear contraction coefficient (in desorption) were higher than the values of linear expansion and linear expansion coefficient (in adsorption). The values on thickness swell and thickness shrinkage were much higher than the values of linear expansion and linear expansion and linear contraction at any density level. The effect of density on linear expansion, linear expansion coefficient and linear contraction coefficient was significantly stronger than the effect of density on thickness swell, thickness swell coefficient and thickness shrinkage.


MDF (medium density fiberboard);linear expansion;linear expansion coefficient;thickness swell;thickness swell coefficient;hysteresis

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