Some Strength Properties of Digger Pine

Arno P. Schniewind, Barry Gammon


The mechanical properties of Digger pine (Pinus sabiniana Douglas), a species indigenous to California, were evaluated using a random mill sample of ten logs. The logs, averaging 18 inches in diameter, had a growth rate of 8.6 rings per inch and a specific gravity of 0.43, based on green volume and oven-dry weight. All tests were performed in the green condition, in accordance with ASTM D143-52. Mechanical properties were: MCS in compression parallel-to-grain, 2450 psi; shear strength, 780 psi; FSPL in compression perpendicular-to-grain, 360 psi; MOR in static bending, 5280 psi; and MOE in static bending, 1,040,000 psi. These results show that Digger pine is very similar in its mechanical properties to ponderosa pine.


<i>Pinus sabiniana</i>;mechanical properties;static bending;compression parallel-to-grain;compression perpendicular-to-grain;shear;specific gravity;modulus of elasticity;modulus of rupture

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