Effects of Potassium on Growth and Wood Anatomy of a Populus Hybrid

Bruce E. Cutter, Wayne K. Murphey


The effects of five levels of potassium in nutrient solution on stem characteristics and wood anatomy were studied using hybrid poplar clone NE-49 (Populus maximowiczii X P. X berolinensis Dipp). Stems grown in 2 and 50 ppm K solutions were tallest and heaviest. Percentages of wood and pith seen in the cross section varied among treatments, but the percentage of bark remained the same. Regression equations were developed indicating relationships between cell dimensions and solution potassium level. Both vessel element and fiber lengths and diameters were affected by potassium levels as was vessel element cell-wall thickness. Fiber cell-wall thickness was not influenced by the treatment.


Hybrid poplar;potassium;specifie gravity;cell length;fiber length;fiber width;fiber wall thickness;vessel element length;vessel element width;vessel element thickness;tissue volumes;foliar analyses

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