Shear Moduli Determination Using Torsional Stiffness Measurements

John J. Janowiak, Roy F. Pellerin


The orthotropic shear moduli were determined for three different reconstituted wood materials. Shear moduli determination was accomplished using the respective formulae that define torsional stiffness for a linear elastic orthotropic rectangular parallelepiped. Applied test procedures required the experimental evaluation of torsional stiffness constants for rectangular specimens of decreasing width to thickness slenderness ratio. Anticlastic plate bending tests were also conducted to derive in-plane shear modulus values using standard ASTM D3044 procedures. In-plane shear modulus values derived from applied torsional theory were found to be in reasonable agreement with the standard ASTM test procedure.


Shear moduli;torsional stiffness;plate bending tests;reconstituted wood material

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