Angle to Grain Strength of Dowel-Type Fasteners

Lawrence A. Soltis, Suparman Karnasudirdja, James K. Little


Timber structures require adequate connections between components. Connection design is based on the performance criterion of a single fastener. This study is part of a research effort by the Forest Products Laboratory to establish a common basis design criteria for lateral strength of dowel-type fasteners that includes nails, screws, lag screws, and bolts. A general dowel lateral strength model is determined. It depends on specific gravity, dowel diameter, minimum penetration, and load direction to the angle of grain. The model is then used to determine the diameter at which parallel- and perpendicular-to-grain strength becomes unequal. A nail model is also determined and compared to existing models.


Nails;fasteners;timber;connections;strength;density;grain angle

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