Properties and Decay Resistance of Preservative-treated Douglas-fir Flakeboard


  • Asghar Jeihooni
  • Robert L. Krahmer
  • Jeffrey J. Morrell


Flakeboard, Douglas-fir, CCA, borate, azaconazole, physical properties, durability


The effect of pretreatment of Douglas-fir flakes with CCA-C, borate, and azaconazole on properties of flakeboard was studied. Flakes had higher retention levels of CCA-C and borate in their ends than in their centers. The distribution of chemicals was uniform in panels, which indicates that the chemicals did not migrate during hot-pressing. Treatment markedly enhanced resistance to brown rot (Postia placenta). Borate-treated panels had large thickness swelling and often delaminated when exposed to hot, wet conditions. In static bending and internal bond tests, strength reduction for borate- and CCA-C-treated panels was evident. Azaconazole showed no deleterious effect on strength.


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