Biomass Properties And Gasification Behavior Of Young Black Locust

Wayne A. Geyer, Walter P. Walawender


Biomass properties were determined to characterize young black locust as an energy source or fiber feedstock. Calorific value (4,505 cal/g) and wood specific gravity (0.55) of black locust stem and branches were similar to those of other hardwoods. Its fiber length was relatively short (0.96 mm). Ash content in the wood was 0.37%. Air-blown gasification of whole-tree black locust chips in a downdraft gasifier produced a low energy gas (5.2-5.6 MJ/m3). Trials at dry chip rates of 94 and 123 kg/h produced an average gas-to-feed mass ratio of 2.4 and an average char yield of 3.6% of the dry wood fed. Oven-dry biomass yields were 9.4 t/ha annually at 7,000 tree/ha.


Black locust;Robinia pseudoacacia L.;wood energy;specific gravity;calorific value;fiber length;gasification;biomass yield

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