Determination of Percentage of Broken Fiber Pieces in Macerated Brittleheart Material

Jun Li Yang, Edward F. Dougal


A method to determine the number of slides that need to be examined in order to estimate the mean percentage of broken fiber pieces (PBFP) of macerated brittleheart samples within 10% error is described. The macerated samples were prepared from brittleheart wood chips of Eucalyptus regnans F.v. Muell. measuring approximately 2 x 2 x 15 mm in size. Temporary wet slides were prepared from one macerated sample that contained a moderate amount of broken fiber pieces. Each slide was covered with a 22 x 22-mm cover slip on which thin lines were drawn dividing the cover slip into sixteen equal areas. There were in total 400 to 600 whole fibers and broken fiber pieces within the cover slip area for each slide. It was found that examination of one slide would be sufficient to estimate within 10% error the mean PBFP of the macerated sample from which the slide was prepared. The same result was also found for macerated samples containing high or low amounts of broken fiber pieces.


Percentage of broken fiber pieces (PBFP);brittleheart;<i>Eucalyptus regnans</i> F.v. Muell

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