Furfuryl Alcohol Emulsion Resins as Co-Binders for Urea-Formaldehyde Resin-Bonded Particleboards

Moon G. Kim, Louis Wasson, Milt Burris, Yimin Wu, Christopher Watt, R. C. Strickland


An approach to using water-insoluble furfuryl alcohol (FA) resins as a co-binder for particleboard (PB) urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins was evaluated. Sprayable FA/UF mixed resins were made by emulsifying FA resins of varying advancements and mixing with various formaldehyde to urea (F/U) ratio UF resins in various proportions. The binder performance of the mixed FA/UF resins was then evaluated by bonding laboratory PBs using a weakly acidic ordinary UF resin curing catalyst at various hot pressing temperatures. The PBs were also heat-treated and were aged for two years at room temperature. The test results of bond strengths and formaldehyde emission levels of PBs showed promising improvements at about 30% FA resin additions, although the results were preliminary due to the variable performance nature of such binder systems.


Furfuryl alcohol;polyfurfuryl alcohol emulsion resin;urea-formaldehyde resins;particle-board binder resins

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