The Properties of Some Caribbean Pine Pulps, and their Relationship to Wood Specific Gravity Variables


  • J. Worrall
  • J. Burley
  • E. R. Palmer
  • J. F. Hughes


<i>Pinus caribaea</i>, X-ray densitometry, densitometry, specific gravity, pulp properties, paper properties, percent latewood


Twenty Caribbean pine trees were pulped individually, and the properties of these pulps were compared to each other and to those of pulps of five other softwood species. There was substantial tree to tree variation, but overall the properties compared favourably with those of pulps from the commercially better established species. X-ray densitometry of the wood was used to estimate the amount of wood in various specific gravity classes. By using such data it was possible to account for considerably more variation in pulp and paper properties than could be done by using overall specific gravity or percentage latewood. Histograms showing percentage in each specific gravity class differed markedly in shape for trees with the same overall specific gravity.


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