Geographic Variation in Specific Gravity Among Japanese Larch From Different Provenances


  • Judy Loo
  • D. P. Fowler
  • M. H. Schneider


Japanese larch, Larix leptolepis, provenance, specific gravity, genetic variation


Genetic variation in wood specific gravity is reported for Japanese larch from twenty seed sources at age 17 years from planting in central New Brunswick, Canada. Information on native tamarack and European larch is also presented. Differences in mean specific gravity among provenances of Japanese larch (range 0.385 to 0.417) are highly significant. Specific gravity is not correlated with 12-year height, specific gravity of trees of the same provenances growing in Michigan, or with latitude, or elevation of the provenances. There is a weak but significant negative correlation between specific gravity and tree diameter at 1.3 m. Provenance x environment interaction in respect to specific gravity is high, making it difficult to identify provenances that will be superior over a wide area.


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