Small-Scale Rack Testing of Wood-Frame Shear Walls


  • Frank C. Beall
  • Jian Li
  • Thomas A. Breiner
  • James Wai
  • Carlos Machado
  • Georg Oberdorfer
  • Khalid Mosalam


Racking, monotonic testing, oriented strandboard, plywood, seismic


A series of racking tests were performed with small-scale (1.2-m X 1.2-m) plywood and OSB assemblies as a means of assessing the potential of reduced assembly sizes in screening variables for subsequent full-size tests. The plywood materials and configurations included variations in stud spacing, nailing, panel thickness and number, and addition of gypsum board. OSB assemblies differed in panel orientation and nailing. The framing used was KD Select Structural to minimize variations in fastening. Both of the standard assemblies (400-mm stud spacing) were also exposed to high relative humidity and effects of green framing. There were clear statistical differences between most plywood configurations, but the most prominent were for center-stud framing, and 9-mm-thick panels. The addition of gypsum board gave higher maximum load and greater stiffness, but the increased variability precluded finding significant differences with the basecase. OSB was significantly lower than plywood in most results. Moisture effects were minimal except for a greater deformation of OSB to the maximum load. The effect of green framing for the bottom plate was minimal.


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