Creep Behavior of Flakeboards Made with a Mixture of Southern Species

Eddie W. Price


Deflection of oriented flakeboards, random flakeboards, and southern pine plywood was evaluated for small size bending specimens and concentrated loads applied to panels nailed on framing lumber. The flakeboards contained a mixture of southern hardwoods and pine; the plywood was 3-ply 1/2-inch and 4-ply 5/8-inch construction. Tests of both panel directions, all load levels and RH cycles showed plywood bending specimens with the smallest deflection increase, and both random and oriented flakeboard bending specimens showed more increases. The plywood relative creep averaged 1.76; the flakeboard relative creep averaged 2.26 and 2.30 for oriented and random construction, respectively. For the concentrated loading, oriented flakeboard panels with the smallest initial deflection had the largest creep after 32 days. Random flakeboard and plywood showed less creep.


Deflection;flakeboard;southern pine plywood

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