A Note on the Effect of Air-Drying On Vessel Openings and Air-Blockage in Yellow-Poplar

Peter Y. S. Chen


The scalariform vessel perforation plates of yellow-poplar were examined and photographed microscopically in the green condition and after air-drying. The saturation moisture content of green and once air-dried yellow-poplar was also studied.

Air-drying distorted but did not break bars in the scalariform plates, and it probably had no effect on increasing permeability of yellow-poplar. Air-drying and then rewetting, however, increased the saturation moisture content of the yellow poplar by eliminating the air bubbles entrapped in the green specimens. It is suggested that elimination of air blockage caused the increased permeability.


<i>Liriodendron tulipifera</i>;<i>Fagus americana</i>;<i>Quercus rubra</i>;scalariform vessel perforation plate;saturation moisture content;specific gravity determination

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