Optical Evaluation of Resin Coverage on Fiber Furnish

Ronnie O. Albritton, Paul H. Short, Duane E. Lyon


This study describes an inexpensive and simple method of evaluating the percent of surface area of fiberized wood furnish that is covered with adhesive. The method uses an integrating microscope eyepiece and a random-field sampling technique to observe dyed (rhodamine B) resin. Blended furnishes of known surface coverages were evaluated to illustrate the accuracy of the sampling technique. The technique is particularly adaptable to in-plant use. The relationship between resin coverage, resin level, and blender loading rate is presented. Results indicate that, on a surface area basis, smaller size fiber does not receive a disproportionate share of resin when blended in a pilot-plant-size, short-retention-time blender.


Medium-density fiberboard;fiberboard;hardboard;resin coverage;resin level;blender loading rate;short-retention-time blender;rhodamine B

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