Ultrasonic-Assisted Dyeing of Poplar Veneer


  • Delin Sun
  • Debin Sun
  • Xianchun Yu


Poplar veneer dyeing, ultrasonic assistant, process optimization


This study introduces poplar veneer ultrasonic-assisted dyeing. Response-surface methodology was adopted to perform optimum analysis of effects of ultrasonic dyeing on poplar veneer. Results demonstrated that ultrasound increased dye uptake under optimal conditions (210-W ultrasonic power, 57-min assisted dyeing time, and 30-kHz ultrasonic frequency using a dye concentration with mass fraction of 0.52% at 72°C). Under these optimal conditions, dye uptake can reach 42.4%. Compared with nonultrasonic dyeing technologies, ultrasonic dyeing technology for poplar veneer developed in this study increased dye uptake 11.2%.


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