Pressure Impregnation of Hardwoods: Treatment Schedules For Easy-To-Treat Indian Hardwoods


  • Satish Kumar
  • R. P. Sharma
  • P. B. Dobriyal
  • B. B. Chaubey


Hardwoods, CCA, penetration indices, treatability, pressure treatment schedules


On the basis of penetration pattern of inorganic chemicals in the wood microstructure, penetration indices for different wood species were developed. Pressure treatment schedules have been suggested on the basis of penetration index and gross absorptions obtained with CCA salts in treatability class 'a' and 'b' hardwoods. Mango and kadam earlier placed under the 'a' treatability class have been transferred to the 'b' treatability class because of poor penetration of the fibers in these species. Similarly, white bombwe earlier classified under class 'b' has been shifted to class 'a' because of its high penetration index.


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