How to Keep your Award-Winning Building from Rotting


  • Allen F. Rosenberg
  • W. Wayne Wilcox


decay, water infiltration, building failure, design, construction


The subject is introduced with a review of the types and extent of deterioration that can occur in wooden buildings with moisture problems, along with a discussion of the biology of decay fungi and the effects of decay on wood. Actual case histories of failures or damage due to water infiltration are presented representing problems in design or construction involving aluminum windows, plastering, flashing, roofs, membranes, etc. The importance of determining and designing for pressure differentials is stressed. Both the basis and results of problems associated with use of green wood in construction are examined. The dangers of soil contact and the necessity for controls on designs to establish proper finish grades are dealt with. Finally, design details and procedures for keeping water out of buildings are specified for such problem areas as: wall penetration and roof flashing, membranes, sealants, cement plaster and "miracle" materials.






Research Contributions