Fiberboards Made from Acetylated Bagasse Fiber

Roger M. Rowell, Francis M. Keany


Bagasse fiber was acetylated with acetic anhydride alone to various levels of acetyl weight gain. Acetylation causes the bagasse fiber to become more hydrophobic, as evidenced by a lowering of the equilibrium moisture content as the level of acetylation increased. Acetylated bagasse fiber and fiberboards made from acetylated fiber at acetyl weight gains of about 17% had an equilibrium moisture content of about one-third that of controls at all relative humidities tested. Fiberboards made from acetylated fiber swelled at a much slower rate and to a lesser extent as compared to control fiberboards. Internal bond strength was higher in acetylated fiberboards, while moduli of rupture and elasticity were slightly lower in acetylated boards than in control boards.


Bagasse;acetylation;fiberboards;water swelling;strength properties;equilibrium moisture content

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