Tall Oil Precursors in Sweetgum


  • Daniel O. Foster
  • Duane F. Zinkel


Sweetgum, <i>Liquidambar styraciflua</i> L, wood extract, tall oil, fatty acids


Sweetgum is the major hardwood species being used by the kraft pulp industry of the southeastern United States. An accurate description of the diethyl ether extract is necessary to determine the quantity and quality of tall oil obtainable from this wood. The tall oil precursors content of fresh sweetgum sapwood was shown to be less than 0.2% on the oven-dried wood basis, about one-tenth the amount in southern pines. The proportion of neutrals was nearly six times larger than that found in pines; the major components were sitosterol and stigmastanol. The major components of the acids fraction were linoleic, linolenic, palmitic, oleic, and stearic acids; this is typical of hardwoods.


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