Relationships Between Cell-Wall Composition and Cell-Wall Density


  • R. M. Kellogg
  • C. B. R. Sastry
  • R. W. Wellwood


Alpha-cellulose, holocellulose, crystallinity index, hemicellulose, cell-wall substance, hardwoods, softwoods, density, cell-wall density, chemical composition


The alpha-cellulose content, holocellulose content and crystallinity index were measured for thirteen hardwood and five softwood samples, for which both cell-wall substance and cell-wall densities had been measured in an earlier study. Direct relationships were found between crystallinity index, alpha-cellulose content, and cell-wall density. A simple method of mixtures was used to relate the constituent densities to the cell-wall substance density. Attempts to rationalize the difference between these calculated densities and the measured cell-wall substance densities suggested that the density of one or more of the cell-wall constituents is appreciably different, in situ, than that measured on the material removed from the cell wall.


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