Fiber Length Variation Within Growth Rings of Certain Angiosperms

Fred W. Taylor


Fiber length variation across individual growth rings of both juvenile and mature wood of seven southern hardwoods was investigated. In most species, fiber length varied more in mature rings than in juvenile rings.

The measurements show that fiber length variation patterns across rings may differ from ring-to-ring within the same tree as well as among species. Researchers measuring fiber length should be aware of this source of variation.


<i>Quercus falcata</i>;<i>Quercus stellata</i>;<i>Quercus nigra</i>;<i>Carya ovata</i>;<i>Carya tomentosa</i>;<i>Liquidambar styraciflua</i>;<i>Nyssa sylvatica</i>;fiber length;within ring variation;mature wood;juvenile wood

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