A Model for the Prediction of Fiber Elasticity

Lennart Salmén, Alf de Ruvo


A model is presented that enables the elastic properties of wood fibers to be estimated from the properties of its polymeric constituents, cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. The influence of the value of the axial stiffness of the cellulose crystal is demonstrated, its proper value being discussed in comparison with experimental data on fibers. The effects on fiber stiffness of the S2 fibril angle, the fibril angles of other layers, the crystallinity, and layer thicknesses are analyzed. The manner in which the effect of a variation in yield can be simulated by a change in shape factor of the reinforcing cellulose crystals is demonstrated, the cell wall thus being considered to be a discontinuous reinforced composite.


Cell walls;cellulose;cellulose fibers;elastic strength;hemicelluloses;lignins;models

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