Two Scales of Variation in Norway Spruce Tracheid Properties


  • Jari Sirviö
  • Petri Kärenlampi


Tracheid properties, within-specimen, among-specimens, <i>Picea abies</i>


Variation in Norway spruce (Picea abies) tracheid properties is studied on two different scales:within and among specimens consisting of five annual rings. Within-specimen variation dominates the overall variability within a genotype. An exception is the variation in tracheid length, which is stronger among specimens. All variables describing the size-scale of tracheids, as well as the oblongness of tracheids, are found to be interdependent among specimens. Cross-sectional circumference and cross-sectional compactness are negatively interdependent, particularly within specimens. The latter relationship becomes more pronounced with increased cambium maturity. Combinations of tracheid properties, achievable using different screening and fractionation techniques, are reported. Apart from wood classification, tracheid oblongness can be controlled by screening with respect to tracheid length. Tracheid compactness can be effectively controlled by hydrodynamic fractionation.


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