Stochastic Damage Accumulation and Reliability of Wood Members

David Rosowsky, Kenneth Fridley


The mechanism leading to the reduction in strength of a wood member under sustained loads is one of creep rupture. Damage models have been developed to assess static damage accumulation in wood. Forms of these models are being used in reliability analyses of wood members and systems and in the development of probability-based design codes. Questions as to the validity of these models and the appropriateness of one or more of the models in the context of reliability studies have been raised. This paper presents the current state-of-the-art with respect to damage models for wood and offers observations concerning the limitations on the use of some of these models in reliability studies. Particular attention is paid to single members in flexure and the stochastic progressive accumulation of damage as predicted by the different models.


Creep rupture;damage models;load duration;reliability;wood

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