Characteristics Of Wood Diaphragms: Experimental And Parametric Studies

Chung K. Cheung, Rafik Y. Itani, Anton Polensek


This paper further verifies a previously developed analytical model of sheathed diaphragms. Load-displacement behavior and frequency characteristic are studied, and comparisons are made between analytical and experimental results. An 8- x 8-foot wall with 1/2-inch plywood sheathing was used in sensitivity studies to quantify the effect of the variation of parameters, such as nail spacing, moduli of elasticity of materials, and joint stiffness, on the static load-displacement behavior and frequency of sheathed diaphragms. The major parameters affecting the load-displacement and displacement-frequency relationships of diaphragms were found to be nail spacing and the connection properties between sheathing and frame members. Sheathing arrangements were also found to affect the stiffness of diaphragms. Variations in mechanical properties of sheathing and frame members, however, had only a negligible effect on diaphragm structural behavior.


Diaphragms;finite element methods;nonlinear systems;models;shear wall;wood;deformations

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