Swelling of a Cell Lumen Filled and A Cell-Wall Bulked Wood Polymer Composite in Water

Marc H. Schneider, Keith I. Brebner, Ian D. Hartley


Liquid water swelling of lumen-filled and cell-wall bulked wood polymer composite (WPC) samples was measured at room temperature and 80 C. Ultimate swelling was greater (approximately that of untreated wood) and moisture diffusion coefficient lower for the lumen filled wood. The higher density, lumen filled sample had lower swelling than the lower density one. At 80 C, fiber saturation points (FSP) were 8% for the cell-wall samples and above 20% for the cell lumen samples. The FSP for more highly loaded cell lumen samples was lower than that for lower loading.


Wood polymer composite (WPC);swelling;moisture diffusion;dimensional stability;maximum moisture content;fiber saturation point (FSP)

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