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Effects of Refrigerated Air on Tool Wear

Judith Gisip, Rado Gazo, Harold A. Stewart


Increased tool wear of tungsten carbide tools may be attributed to high cutting temperatures. Cooling the tool with liquid coolant and lubricants is impractical for cutting dry wood and wood composites, and thus refrigerated air was used for cooling the tool in this study. A total of three solid tungsten carbide, double-flute, router bits machined medium density fiberboard on a CNC router. Refrigerated air was applied to two tools, while the third tool cut at ambient temperature. The power analysis equipment was used in order to observe the impact of tool wear on power consumption. All tools were examined under the light microscope to capture images in order to measure tool wear. Elemental analysis was performed with scanning electron microscopy to determine the percentage of specific elements present in the tools. Results show that less tool wear occurs when using refrigerated air, thereby increasing tool life when cutting medium density fiberboard.


Tool wear;medium density fiberboard;cryogenic treatment;refrigerated air;tungsten carbide

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