Fire and Wood


  • Roman R. McNeil


Fire hazard, fire performance, fire ratings, fire resistance, fire retardants, fire tests, building codes, building design, markets, combustion, applied research, research and development


Restrictive measures are increasingly being imposed on traditional markets for wood in the name of fire safety through actions of such federal agencies as FTC, FHA, and HUD, as well as state and local legislation and building codes. Although many of our traditional markets are threatened, a positive reaction to the public concern over the fire hazard of materials can open new markets for wood products. The forest products industries must develop new fire-rated products and fire-safe systems for use in constructing and furnishing all types of buildings. Our goal is to see that wood is used properly for fire safety. We must: learn more about fire and wood, work to reduce hazards in buildings and furnishings, participate actively in the efforts of trade and building code bodies, and establish programs to correct deficiencies in fire properties of wood-based materials.






Research Contributions