Finite Element Analyses Of Wood Laminated Composite Poles1

Cheng Piao, Todd F. Shupe, R. C. Tang, Chung Y. Hse


Finite element analyses using ANSYS were conducted on orthotropic, polygonal, wood laminated composite poles subjected to a body force and a concentrated load at the free end. Deflections and stress distributions of small-scale and full-size composite poles were analyzed and compared to the results obtained in an experimental study. The predicted deflection for both small-scale and full-size composite poles agreed well with the experimental measurement. Maximum stress of a cantilever pole was in parabolic areas of the top and bottom skins near the ground line. The finite element model underestimated the deflection of full-size composite poles over a variable length from the ground line of the poles, depending on the loading levels. At a higher loading level, the finite element model might overestimate the deflection close to the free end of the full-size composite poles.


Composite poles;deflection;finite element analysis;stress;utility poles

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