Gross Heat of Combustion of Living and Spruce Budworm-Killed Balsam Fir

Douglas P. Barnes, Steven A. Sinclair


The gross heat of combustion has been determined for living and spruce budworm-killed balsam fir. Results indicated the average calorific value of living balsam fir to be approximately 20 megajoules per kilogram of oven-dry material with negligible differences noted for the heat content of spruce budworm-killed material. Moisture losses associated with time after tree death strongly influence usable heat. Usable heat of budworm-killed material should be higher than living balsam fir since the moisture content of budworm-killed material is expected to be lower.


Heat of combustion;spruce budworm;balsam fir;usable heat content;adiabatic calorimetry

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