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2010 Status Quo for Life-Cycle Inventory and Environmental Impact Assessment of the Core Sawmill Products in Germany

S. K. Diederichs


Product life-cycle assessment (LCA) is an established tool for supporting decisions on the consumer, business, and policy levels. LCA practitioners are in need of continuously updated average LCA data in line with current methodological developments and consensus for supporting decisions with environmental information. For sawmill products, where large deviations in terms of environmental impact among the many single sawmills are known to exist, detailed surveys on LCA data with high sector representativeness are needed to yield reliable average data. Based on a representative study on German sawmills, this article provides detailed environmental average life-cycle inventory and impact assessment data and variations for the production of the four core products of the German sawmill industry setting a status quo for 2010.


Life-cycle inventory;LCI;life-cycle assessment;LCA;lumber;energy;emissions;carbon

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