Bending Properties of Wood Flakes of Three Southern Species

Edgar C. Deomano, Audrey Zink-Sharp


This research focuses on experimental investigations of the bending properties of wood flakes of three southern species. Modulus of elasticity (MOE), modulus of rupture (MOR), and strength at proportional limit (SPL) of flakes were measured based on Methods of Testing Small Clear Specimens of Timber (ASTM D143-94; ASTM 1994a) using a miniature material tester. Effect of species, cutting direction, and temperature were evaluated. Bending properties were found to vary between and within the three species. Southern yellow pine had the lowest bending stiffness and strength followed by sweetgum, while yellow-poplar had the highest bending properties. Radially cut specimens (force applied on the tangential axis) were found to have lower MOE, MOR, and SPL than tangentially cut specimens (force applied on the radial axis). Drying temperature was also found to have a significant effect on bending stiffness and strength. A decreasing trend in bending properties was observed when drying temperature was increased.


Bending properties;MOE;MOR;SPL;wood flakes;drying temperature

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