Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Silvergrass Fiber Cell Walls Evaluated by Nanoindentation


  • Chengbin Liao
  • Yuhe Deng
  • Siqun Wang
  • Yujie Meng
  • Xinzhou Wang
  • Ningsheng Wang


Cell wall, fiber, longitudinal tensile strength, mechanical properties, nanoindentation, silvergrass


Silvergrass is a natural biological material with high mechanical strength and toughness and has potential as a raw material in wood-based composites. Structure and mechanical properties of fiber cell walls of silvergrass stalk in nanoscale were measured by nanoindentation. Silvergrass fiber cells have multilayered structure and diameter between 5 and 20 μm. Nanoscale mechanical tests showed that fibers of the upper stalk of silvergrass had better mechanical properties than those of the lower stalk and silvergrass fibers had better mechanical properties than wood fibers at the cell wall level. Macrohardness of the silvergrass stalk was 0.330 GPa evaluated from nanoindentation tests. Results found by nanoindentation were also verified by longitudinal tensile strength testing and particleboard manufacture.


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