Effect of Bordered Pit Torus Position on Permeability in Chinese Yezo Spruce

Fucheng Bao, Jianxiong Lu, Youke Zhao


The effect of different bordered pit torus positions on wood permeability was studied by air-drying and ethanol-exchange drying for green wood and by soaking in water, then followed by ethanol-exchange drying for air-dried wood of Chinese yezo spruce (Picea jezoensis var. komarovii). The results showed that different treatments caused different pit torus positions and different wood permeability. The air-drying treatment resulted in pit torus aspiration and low permeability for sapwood. The ethanol-exchange drying treatment left the pit torus in an unaspirated position and resulted in high permeability for sapwood. Soaking in water followed by ethanol-exchange drying caused deaspiration of a part of pit torus and increased permeability for both sapwood and heartwood.


Chinese yezo spruce;bordered pit torus;pit aspiration;pit in unaspirated position;pit deaspiration;permeability

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