Investigation of OSB Thickness-Swell Based on a 3d Density Distribution. Part I. The Finite Element Model

Alan D. Tackie, Siqun Wang, Richard M. Bennett, Sheldon Q. Shi


A finite element model was developed for predicting thickness-swell of oriented strandboard. The model accounts for both vertical and horizontal density variations of the board, or the three-dimensional density distribution. Density variation, resulting from manufacturing processes such as strand orientation and pressing cycles, affects the uniformity of thickness-swell in OSB. The model uses nonlinear constitutive behavior in the through-the-thickness direction. Moisture changes were modeled using transient moisture transfer equations and coupled moisture-density-stress-strain relations. The model was used to predict thickness-swell during a 24-h soak test. The model was able to predict average thicknes-swell of commercial panels with an acceptable error, generally less than 10%.


Thickness-swell;OSB;modeling;density distribution;VDP;HDD

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