Ultimate Load-Deflection Characteristics and Failure Modes of Ceiling Diaphragms for Farm Buildings


  • K. G. Gebremedhin
  • W. W. Irish


Ceiling diaphragm, deep beam, in-plane loading, diaphragm strength, load-deflection, failure mode, metal sheathing


Load-deflection characteristics and failure modes of metal-clad, timber-framed, screw-fastened ceiling diaphragms are presented. Diaphragms, 2.44 m x 6.10 m (8 ft x 20 ft) and 2.44 m x 4.88 m (8 ft x 16 ft), were built and tested as deep beams. Loads were applied to simulate wind loads on ceilings of farm buildings. Variables included panel profile, rib orientation, size of supporting grid, diaphragm size, spacing of end-fasteners, and effect of an opening at midspan.


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