High-frequency Heating of Wood with Moisture Content Gradient


  • Jože Resnik
  • Milan Šernek
  • Frederick A. Kamke


High-frequency, radio-frequency, heating of wood, dielectric properties


The influence of moisture content (MC) gradient on the development of a temperature gradient in wood heated in a high-frequency (HF) electromagnetic field was investigated. Fifteen layers of 1.6-mm-thick beech veneer (Fagus sylvatica L.), with dimension 400 X 400 mm, were used to simulate a moisture content (MC) gradient. A uniform MC of 5, 10, 15, and 20%, and two MC gradient schemes ranging from 20% to 5%, were used in the experiment. The dielectric constant and loss tangent were measured before HF heating at 6.3 MHz. During HF heating of wood, the magnitude of the MC, the shape of the MC gradient, and the potential for thermal losses influence the development of the temperature gradient. An MC gradient in a laminated composite could be used to control the shape and severity of the temperature gradient during HF heating.


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