A Note on Effects of Kiln Stick Thickness and Air Velocity on Drying Time of Southern Pine 2 by 4 and 2 by 6 Lumber

Eddie W. Price, Peter Koch


To dry to 10% moisture content, 4- and 6-inch-wide lumber 1.75 inch thick required about 13.7 h (including 4 3/4-h kiln warmup time) in 5-ft-wide loads at 260 F (wet-bulb temperature was 180 F) on 1.0-inch-thick sticks with air cross-circulated at 1,000 fpm. If air velocity is increased to 1,400 fpm or stick thickness increased to 1.5 inches, kiln time required to reach 10% moisture content should be about 12.5 h (including 4 3/4-h kiln warmup time).


High temperature drying;moisture content;drying rate;kiln drying;air circulation;flexural properties

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